How to get free Robux on Roblox

Searching for “How to get Free Robux on Roblox.” 

Well, we have formulated, 07 working method in 2021, which will help you achieve free Robux on Roblox.

What is Robux and Roblox Game?

“Roblox” is the most loved game by kids all around the world.

It boasts of having active players with more than seventy million as of Jul 2021. Roblox is the gaming platform in which games can develop their games.

Roblox games are easy to create and play. You can have thousands of small games line up on the Roblox Gaming Platform. 

Roblox games are mended for kids as it has easy graphics with box type images.

The Roblox games are safe to play, and if you wish to check out some parental guidance, you can check this excellent article. Roblox Warning for Parent.

how to get robux on roblox

Robux Currency

If you wish to purchase anything in the Roblox game, then you need to have Robux. Robux is the official currency of the Roblox game, which is used to purchase different accessories and packages.

Robux currency can be purchase, or it can be generating in the game using the builder hut. 

Depending on the Builder Club you have opted for, you can generate in-game Robux. 

How to get free Robux on Roblox

If you are looking for “how to get free Robux on Roblox,” you need to know some facts. Many websites claim to provide you with free Robux.

But as we have researched these websites, we find out that all these websites are fake. If you use this type of Website, you may lose your Roblox game id. 

Be aware of Fakesters. 

In the internet era, there are full of fakesters who claim to provide free Robux without doing anything.

You should pay attention to these types of people who try to deceive people by clickbait. 

Two types of techniques that are now prevalent are as follows:

  • The online Gen in Robox
  • The MOD APK files of Roblox

In the first method of “Robux online Gen,” they claim to provide you with free Robux with breaking into the server. Always beware of this type of Website as no one can break into the Roblox server.

Fake Online Robux Gen

Roblox Online Generator is 100% fake, and you should never try to use those, especially which has asked for

  • Your Roblox game User ID
  • In-Game Roblox game Password 
  • Your detail such as real name, address, and phone no
  • Do not give your address 
  • Don’t give any details regarding bank details
  • Do not use GeoTag or other services which can indicate your location

how to get robux on roblox

Fake MOD APK files of Roblox

One of the most prevalent methods to provide free Robux is installing MOD apk Files in the system. During our research and investigation, we find out that all apk is 100% fake.

Therefore, if you are using these types of files, then you are compromising the security of the system. Your system or mobile can be compromised, and all your personal data will be available online.

Try not to install such type of malicious code into your system for a small gain. This can lead to more system compromise and data leaks. 

How to get free Robux on Roblox

Now let’s answer the million dollars question on how to get the real Robux easily through our seven easy steps

#Step-1 Design your own new game 

How to get free Robux on Roblox

What can be more exciting than creating your own game? The game will be your design.

The best part is you can start to earn money even if you are a minor. 

It just takes a designer to bring their ideas into the virtual reality of games and make them real. 

There are many success stories of kid’s developers who became overnight millionaires with their creative games.

So, use your creative heads, take your inspiration from your own life and the people around you and make your own game.

Gamers love those games in which they can feel connected and feel like it is their own game which they are playing.

For all newbie developers, Roblox offers a studio where you all can run your creativity wild.

Turn them into your very own game on the platform of Roblox. 

Roblox studio creates a framework to give to more options to choose from to create your games.

For all creative heads, Roblox has dozens of articles that you can use to make a game using their free templates. 

You visit here and start with your way to become a game developer. Roblox studio tutorial

#Step-2 Become a trader

Suppose you don’t want to make any game or find it difficult to make games. Then you can check out this easy method which you fetch you million dollars. 

You can become a trader purchasing and selling your collectives, game, or limited-edition items.

For this, firstly you must be a member of a builder club. Builder Club membership enables you to buy and selling in Roblox.

Using your Builder Club membership, you can purchase limited editions items and sell them later for more Robux.

The best part is that you will get a very high price for your limited-edition items. 

#Step-3 Builder club-the FREE Roblox Hub

Roblox game has developed a way through which you can earn free Robux every day.

These are called Builder Club membership. In this, you need to purchase a Club membership, which will fetch you daily free Robux in the game. 

It provides three types of memberships. You can purchase them according to your need and your preferences and start earning your free Robux.

It is a monthly membership, so depending on your requirement, you should opt for the builder club.

The three types of membership in builder club are: –

  1. Best Builder club “outrageous”-you will get $60per day.
  2. The Builder club “turbo”- you will get $35 per day.
  3. Builder club “classic”-you will get $15 per day.

Gamer’s tip: – it is very important to remember that you need to invest in the monthly builder’s club membership. This will enable free Robux every single day.

#Step-4 Become a member of GPT APPS

The GPT Apps means getting paid for doing small jobs.

These are nowadays a hot topic where you can get free Robux after joining these GPT Apps. 

The apps work on an awarding and points to its members. 

You can simply earn the points and get the rewards just by doing some simple jobs which can be done within a minute.

The jobs which are on the GPT platform are as below: –

 You just have to watch a video having ads

  • need to complete a survey
  • Install antivirus for your security
  • Play different games which they suggest
  • Use different apps available in the platform
  • Different VPN and other security software
  • Perform small jobs such as reading emails or sending them
  • purchase small items using affiliate links
  • Browsing any website and staying there for some specific period

Recommended Best GPT apps are 

  • GiftPanda, 
  • PlanePlace,  
  • CashPirate 
  • App Karma 

#Step-5 GPT websites are the new place to get free Robux

GPT website allows them to earn by just doing their prescribed job for less than a minute.

So, you need not invest your whole time searching for ways to earn; simply complete their tasks.

The best part of joining the GPT websites is that it is free.

After finishing your job, you will be awarded a digital gift card, which can be used to purchase Robux. 

The GPT website works on awards and points, so earn those points for every work you complete.

The work available on the GPT website are: –

  • Play small, exciting games
  • Watch exclusive ads for some time
  • Install apps or software, which they suggest
  • Complete some exclusive surveys 
  • Present your opinion to some products
  • Sending, reading, and drafting email
  • Just click on some exclusive ads

Remember to complete these tasks to get your points every day and get your digital gift cards.

Some of the recommend Websites are 

  • FeaturesPoints, 
  • Swagbucks and 
  • PointPrize 

Join these websites and start collecting points to earn the digital gifts cards to use them to earn Robux.

#Step-6 The Survey website 

Survey websites work on huge exclusive surveys, which users need to complete to earn points. You can join these survey websites and start earning real money or digital gift cards.

Some of the recommend survey websites to start earning real dollars: –

  • The opinion outpost
  • Your inboxdollars
  • Doing MySurveys

#Step-7 The super social giveaway

Social media is the bridge between you and your free Robux. 

You will ask how?

Social media has become so popular that everybody is on one or the other social networking sites.

Because the internet now is so affordable better and talented streamers are coming in those social networking sites.

Which has also enabled the chances to earn a lot of free Robux.

You will just have to enter in those events and the giveaways which they publish on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook or Reddit. 

Keep an eye on all those huge influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

Start earning by participating in those events and competitions. 

Remember to always be active on these sites and to follow those influencers.

Be aware of the Roblox Scam.

Remember, we had discussed all the scams which can happen to the newbies.

As they are not aware of this online fraud. 

So, for our new developers, we understand that how important it is to you to be vigilant in those things.

So, always be aware of those of the Roblox online Scams.

The final words 

We hope that our 07 methods of earning free Robux can help you achieve your goals. You need to apply all these methods to get free Robux in your Roblox game. 

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