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As you all know, the Jailbreak Roblox game created history within its initial launch, when it crossed 44 million active players.

With different roleplay within the team-member, Jailbreak gains a prominent position in Roblox. Grinding the passion of an online player, it earns 1 million dollars in its very first year of release.

Jailbreak Roblox was a concept taken from the Prison life game.

Badcc (18) and Asimo3089 (22) were creating games for some time.

Bad start playing the game prison life, and sooner he discovers that there is nothing gameplay left after escaping from prison.

To fill up the Void, both create “a cop & robbers” jail-breakout game. In July 2021, the Jailbreak Roblox has been played over 6.5 billion times.

Jailbreak Roblox Codes

What is Jailbreak Roblox?

Jailbreak Roblox falls under Role playing with action genres. It has evolved to make new adaptions to improve the game.

You can play Jailbreak Roblox fast or slow according to your choice or strategy. All you need to do is stick to your roleplay.

Location in Jailbreak Roblox

There are 12 prime locations in the jailbreak map, for your money heist

  • In a Jewellery shop a Bank
  • At the Museum
  • In the Passenger Train
  • In the Cargo Train
  • At the Power Plant
  • Cargo Plane
  • Bank Truck
  • Cargo Ship
  • At the Tomb
  • The Donut Shop
  • The Gas Station

You can choose three different roleplays in the Jailbreak Roblox game.

03 Roleplay in Jailbreak Roblox

There are three teams or roleplay in the game

  • Police Officers
  • Prisoners
  • Criminals

(If you did not choose any roleplay, then Jailbreak game will make you Prisoners by default)


You can choose to join a police officer team whose main objective will be to stop prisoners from escaping.

As a police officer, you need to keep your reflexes sharp and agile, as Jailbreak can happen anytime.

You need to take prompt action whenever you listen to any siren of Jailbreak. With your fellow police team, you must quickly capture all prisoners or criminals.

Objectives of Police Officer in Jailbreak Roblox

There are many objectives which you need to fulfill as a police officer in Jailbreak Roblox. Some of them are given below

  • Catching all criminals
  • Securing the perimeter of the Jail
  • Preventing prisoners from escaping the Jail
  • Restoring law and order in the city
  • Keep a vigilant eye for any alert from other players
  • Quick response to the siren
  • Team building with other police team members
  • Protecting other police team members from getting stab or killed
  • Protection personal belonging like a pistol, road spike, and teaser

(Try to adhere to these points, and you will be the best police officer in the game)

Police Officer Inventory in Jailbreak Roblox

A police officer will spawn with four items

  • Pistol
  • Handcuffs
  • Road spike
  • Teaser

Police officers will receive a Daily Paycheck of $1200 in-game cash at 5:00 AM in-game time.

Get ready to experience a police-robbers fight and arrest or kill them to establish justice in the city again.

PRISONERS (Roleplay)

Prisoners are the second roleplay in the game, which you can choose at the beginning. If you did not opt for any roleplay, then the game will select prisoner by default.

Objectives of Prisoners in Jailbreak Roblox

Main Objectives of Prisoners in Jailbreak Roblox game are as follows

  • Jailbreak with fellow prisoner
  • Use all available resources to get out of Jail
  • Perform heist on a different location
  • Eliminate police officer
  • Get wealthy by performing a money heist
  • Scanning, reconnaissance, eliminating threats, and performing a heist
  • Acquiring weapons and vehicles for escape
  • Using available tools to prevent escape and getting arrested

(You can convert into prisoner from a police officer during the game if,

  • You eliminate innocent prisoners
  • Handcuffing and punching innocent prisoners
  • Eliminate without proper proof
  • Repeatedly arrest innocent prisoners

During your escape from jail, you can get these items to form a police officer

  • Pistol
  • Keycard
  • Donut

CRIMINALS (Roleplay)

Ok, you have escaped from the Jail; now What?

Phew, you turn out to be a criminal in the Jailbreak Roblox game. This means now you have more power and less restriction than a prisoner.

The Criminal’s team is built up of the prisoners who have successfully escaped from the prison. They can now lead a carefree life by avoiding being chased down by the police.

Being, Criminal falls under the privileged class in the Jailbreak Roblox game. They can do various jobs without being harassed by a police team.

Some of the job’s criminals enjoy in Jailbreak Roblox are

  • Purchase weapon from city
  • Customize weapon and make a new weapon
  • Buy new vehicles from the city
  • Rob vehicle and customize it with your color

There are two bases for criminals from where they can pick up their weapons. You can have a shotgun and pistol from these bases. These bases also have changing rooms where you can change the prison uniform.

If the players have their BOSS Game pass, they can quickly get a Boss Attire, a Riffle, and a Celestial.

Remember to keep your bounty safe, which game will award after the successful robbery. But if you get caught, the police will take all your bonus.

So, remember to keep it safe!

Jailbreak Roblox Codes

Jailbreak Roblox Codes (working)

Still, wondering what Jailbreak Roblox Codes is?

Well, Jailbreak Roblox Codes are those bonuses that you can fetch your game in a currency like Robux. By using these Roblox Codes, you can purchase different items in the game, such as

  • Weapons such as shotguns and pistols
  • New vehicle in the game
  • Villa or room in the game
  • Game inventory such as uniform
  • Different weapon customization
  • Vehicle customization
  • Donut
  • Boss Pass in the game

Latest Jailbreak codes of Roblox

  • Memes – redeem and get 5k bucks
  • Hot2021- redeem and get 7.5k bucks
  • Nester- redeem and get 5k bucks

Jailbreak Roblox gameplay review

Jailbreak Roblox game recorded highest playing online players, with figure crossing more than 75000.

The game offers so much to players like they can enjoy in a fun racing car, fighting with the crooked pirates, raiding a military base.

They can also raid a prison and living in a seaside bungalow with a dog and organize poolside parties with their friends.

The fantastic part of this game is that you never feel bored.

So, nevertheless the age of the player, all age groups will have fun playing with each other and make new friends.

Final words

Currently, the game is having its Season 5th:-“Let the Memes begin,” which started on August 7th, 2021, and will end on September 26th, 2021.

The co-creator of the game asimo3089 first announced the season.

As the name suggests in this season, the awards are inspired by the popular memes on the internet, and the prizes are user-created.

So, here is your complete guide to Jailbreak Roblox Codes.

I hope you will enjoy this fantastic game with your friends and make new friends in the jailbreak game.

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