Roblox Warning for Parents

Ok, we all love to play Roblox, and we allow our kids to play these harmless-looking games, which are very harmless with its box-like looking characters.

Well, things are not seeming to be right when it comes to these harmless-looking characters turning into violent character and try to rape your virtual characters.

Assault ! Are you serious?

Yes, you heard it right, in one of the shocking incidents which took place in the Roblox game when Amber Petersen reported that her 7-year-old daughter virtual character was rape by other Roblox character in the middle of a playground.

This incident has shaken the whole Internet community, and soon Roblox management intervenes in the incident by blocking those two people from the Roblox game permanently.

Read the incident in full if you still think that your kids do not require your moderation for playing an online game.

Courtesy: WCBD News

As per WCBD news and Amber Petersen personal Facebook post:

Roblox is the most sought-after game, which is being played by the age group above 7+ and has a PEGI 7 rating, which means the age group of 7 and above are allowed to play this game. More than 64 Million online users currently play Roblox.

Roblox has inbuilt security and full-time moderators who keep looking into the game for any mishaps and sexual violation. So, Amber Petersen and her husband put a maximum privacy level and give that game to their seven-year daughter to play.

So, on that fateful day, Amber was reading along with one of the childhood chapters, and her daughter was playing Roblox on her iPad. Suddenly her daughter looks horrified and stops her mother and shows her Screen.

She could not believe at first what she was watching on the Screen. Her daughter’s online avatar was being “ASSAULT ON A PLAYGROUND” by two Male online characters in the Roblox game.

A female character who was observing the whole act later came and jumped on the online character. After that, all the 3 Character run away, leaving the daughter character lying on the face in the middle of the playground.

She was in shock and disgust with the guilt of letting her daughter play this game, which has traumatized her childhood. She has taken a screenshot and send those to Roblox, which quickly taken into consideration and permanently ban those three people form Roblox.

But the damage has been done, and no one is going to neutralize those which an innocent child has taken by watching those inexpiable acts on the game.

So, this is the lesson for all the parents who tell that nothing can be hacked, or everything seems good in Roblox.

Final words

You must take good caring and protection for your kids, and you should never let this type of incident happen to your kids. Always keep an eye on your kids’ game and put on the maximum privacy protection on the game.

If you happen to see any explicit behavior by any player then immediately report to the moderator of the Roblox. 

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